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There are many reasons why people find it helpful to talk to another person.

We have written a list of some of the reasons that people come to us at Time-To-Talk. Some people want just 1 or 2 conversational sessions. Other people may want a therapeutic plan that may involve multiple conversations. It depends on you and what you want to talk about.



Different members of The Time-To-Talk Team have their own areas of interest and research. When you first approach Time-To-Talk, we will have a conversation about the kind of information, or help, you would like from us.

This exploratory conversation will help us to suggest someone that you can usefully talk to.

Explore the list below and choose anything from the list that interests you.


 Fakhrun Nisa-Horne BSc, MPhil, MBACP
Terry Horne BSc, MSc, FRS.

Since 2003, you have wanted to talk to The Time-To-Talk Team about...

  • Increasing your intelligence

  • Teaching or training others

  • Conversational leadership

  • Being a coach or mentor

  • Deciding where to study

  • Teaching young childen

  • Implementing changes

  • Deciding what to study

  • Parenting your children

  • Relationships at home

  • Thinking strategically

  • Relationships at work

  • Having an interview

  • Thinking accurately

  • Thinking accurately

  • Interviewing others

  • Evaluating options

  • Working in groups

  • Choosing a career

  • Persuading others

  • Evaluating options

  • Applying for a job

  • Predicting events

  • Thinking critically

  • Planning projects

  • Making a speech

  • Leadership style

  • Taking decisions

  • Difficult people

  • Bereavement

  • Forming stronger relationships

  • Improving your mental health

  • Minimising effective exercise

  • Satisfying your sweet tooth

  • Controlling climate change

  • Designing learning events

  • A more brain-friendly diet

  • Improving physical fitness

  • Recovering from surgery

  • Your unfinished business

  • Learning from successes

  • Dealing with depression

  • Improving your memory

  • Recovering from stroke

  • Learning from mistakes

  • Your internal dialogue

  • Making conversation

  • Talking to strangers

  • Motivating yourself

  • Avoiding dementia

  • Primary education

  • Managing anxiety

  • Motivating others

  • Applied thinking

  • Home schooling

  • Reducing stress

  • Living with loss

  • Losing weight

  • Playing chess

  • Overseas aid

Are you interested in a brain-based approach to any of the above, using conversational consultancy or conversational counselling?

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Whatever you are going through, you can talk to The Time-To-Talk Team.

Contact IACP - Time To Talk on:

Phone07939 291483