What to Expect in
A Consultancy Conversation

You will benefit from a conversation with a consultant, when you have a practical problem that you wish to solve; when you have a decision that you need to take; or when you have plans that you need to make. You will be looking for recommendations, action plans, maybe a report and perhaps even draft letters and documents that you can use. 

Consultancy Conversations

At the start of your consultancy conversation, your consultant will almost certainly ask you many questions. Your consultant will be trying to get a clear picture of what it is you want to acheive, and what problems or obstacles you think stand in your way. 

Once the consultant has agreed with you the purpose of the consultancy conversation, the blanace of the conversation will shift as the consultant does more and more of the talking, and offers you suggestions and options based on the consultant's research, knowledge and experience. 

Unlike counselling, where you would be the main topic of conversation, in consultancy, it is often the behaviour of other people that you are trying to change or influence. 

Unlike counselling,  you can ask your consultant to carry out specific enquiries or research on your behalf.

You can ask a consultant to prepare reports, or draft letters.

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Your consultant will expect you to pay in advance for any work. Your consultant will estimate the final cost, based on a consultancy rate of £250 an hour.

If you have already prepared a draft report or proposal, a consultant can edit your report for you, into accurate, concise English, using  academic or professional style, as required.

For proof reading, or editing your draft, your consultant will charge £15 per 1000 words, payable in advance.