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And why The Conversational Approach is such a powerful counselling and therapeutic model.



Quite simply, because that is the way your brain is designed to work! Studies of human skulls, going back a quarter of a million years, show that your brain is designed for you to live and work as a member of a group.

Only since the modern age of agriculture - a few thousand years ago - have human skulls shown evidence of our brains trying to work as isolated individuals.

Your brain is best designed for you to think aloud, preferably with another person. Your brain is more "social', than 'individual'.

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When you are having a conversation, a scan of your brain would be able to show that there is more blood flowing, in far more areas of your brain, than when you try to think alone.


The reason why this increased blood flow is important is that many so-called brain chemicals - the chemicals that raise your mood, morale, motivation, creativity and mental energy - are produced, not in your brain, but in your body: in your gut and in areas close to your heart.

These chemicals, such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine, have been described as your "feel good" chemicals.

"Feel good" chemicals are transported up your spine, to your brain, via your vagus nerve. These chemicals can only do their good work in areas of your brain that have active blood flow.


One area of your brain, which plays an important role in stimulating the admission of "feel good" chemicals into your brain, is called: The Broca's area. The Broca's area is important because you can increase the quantity of blood flowing in this area of your brain simply by talking to another person.


Yes, it's Time-To-Talk about ...the importance of talking!


While it is preferable to talk to another person, you can also talk to your dog or cat, other pets, or even trees and plants.


Almost all talking stimulates the flow of blood to The Broca's area of your brain, thereby increasing the concentration of "feel good" chemicals in your brain. This may be one reason, amongst many others, why almost everyone says that they feel better after working with a talking therapist.   


You can also learn to have creative "thinking conversations", inside your head. "Thinking conversations" are what other researchers have called 'internal dialogues'. These are conversations which you can have with yourself, usually in your head, rather than out loud.


Having a thinking conversation with yourself, or with a 'critical friend", increases the speed at which you think and learn. 

Having a thinking conversation with yourself also leaves in place in your brain neural pathways and connections which you can then use to learn and think about problems you want to solve, decisions you need to take and plans you need to make. 

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So, you can see how conversations are important ways in which you can control: how well you think; how well you learn; and how well you can earn a good living.


At the same time, conversations help you to control how good you feel and how good a life you can live.

Conversations can help you to live a good life, as well as earn a good living.


Are you feeling down, lacking in energy and motivation or are you unable to overcome negative thoughts, desires or memories?
Are your career and personal achievements stagnating?

Through talking toThe Time-To-Talk Team, you can take steps in the right direction.
"A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step"
- It is important that your single step is a step in the right direction.

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